Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I like and enjoy creating cards.  
When I first created cards, I drew by hand.  And that was nice.  And even better if the recipient didn't end up throwing the card away.   
But what I love to do......is use my BIG kick embossing manual machine.   Its kinda like a Cuttle Bug only bigger.    If you have room to spare on your desk then get a Big kick, otherwise the smaller-cuter version is just as nice to use.  They all do the same work.

Mine was given to me for a birthday gift.   There are some things to consider before making this kind of purchase....
how many embossing folders will you end up with?    I thought I would be happy with just a few folders....   however,  I have found.....the first thing I do when going to a craft store is find the isle where the embossing folders are...... and just browsing along....see which ones I can live without.
......I can spend anywhere from a few minutes.....to up to an hour just browsing..... its even better when I find a sale!   I mean, who doesn't like a sale?     Now be honest.   How many pairs of shoes do you have in your already packed full closet.....and already making room for another space to fill?    I'm kinda like that with craft items.   See what I mean?  You just gotta have the latest, the best that there is.....   I know, I know.... its like an addiction.    ...... Ok....Okay..... lets not get carried away.     We don't need to call Dr. Phil.   No, no.....I can handle this......I can handle this just fine.   :) 


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