Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My hubby drew this awesome picture of a Japanese Tea House.   I colored it in using my water color pencils and a stampin' up blender pen.   The clear raised area in the water is done with glossy accents by inkssentials.    The background was done using distress ink pad in wild honey.   

Please do not copy my husband's work.   Thank you.    ~Mary~

  Here's the same picture done in black ink.   The one above is just slightly different.  Just thought you would find it interesting to see the differences.    Please respect the work done here by not copying.  Thank You.    ~Mary~
The tea pot was designed by my hubby, I added in some of the flowers and the little bee.  Embellished with hot pink ribbon, purple and pink felt flowers.  I thought it turned out cute.  My partner for the upcoming round 3 tea swap will be getting this.

I wanted to make sure this card was done in a timely fashion. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tea Card Challenge

This was made for a Tea card challenge.   The image is from Sassy Cheryl's designs.   I used water color pencils (dry) and used a blender pen to smooth out the colors.   Sticky pearls were used and buttons and green ribbon for embellishments.

Cone flowers from my garden

The inspiration for this sketch came from my flower garden.  I am amazed how long these beautiful flowers stay around.  They don't droop like most, nor do the heads need to be pinched back.  Butterflies are attracted this type of flower.   

If you are interested in using this sketch for a greeting card or for decorating your scrap book pages.   You may save a copy to your computer.   If you do consider using this image please respect my work.  And ONLY for your personal use.   Please do not sell, or store on your website, or share on email.
Thank you.   

Banner I made for a website.
I made this in psp 8.   I use this program and paint to make my digital art.  
I would like to welcome a new follower ~ Betty.   Thank you for coming by and joining our little community on the web.   ;)

Here's a link to Betty's site ~ I encourage you to check out her beautiful creations.   

Betty stamps Texas     When I first inquired about Stampin Up products, she was the one I asked.   She is the best about helping with any questions you might have about their products. :)

To my blogging buddies, ( just 3 in all ), you all are important to me and my blog.   Really you are.....  I hope I'm not talking to myself.   Hullo.  Hullo?   Are you still there?   Good I'm glad you are still there.....

Well.... as I was saying.... to be truthful this might get windy..... just kiddin'.     Actually I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet.

I would like to thank Ina for adding my (humble-dinky) blog to your ever-growing list of blogs you like to follow.   I really do appreciate you doing this.   
I'm sure over the past few months..... some of you probably thought..... why in the world would Ina want to add Scrappin' Savvy to her list?    Because, she is just thoughtful.    That's why.   And she was probably hoping that Mary (the owner of Scrappin' Savvy) would get off of her booty and wipe off the dust bunnies from her computer and join in the fun.....  the fun of having and maintaining a blog.     

Well, I'm here.   Dust bunnies have been blown off the laptop.... in hopes of creating a worth while site.... one that I hope will gain some attention.....   .....  hopefully anyway!!!!!    That some other bloggers from cyber-space world, will want to come and join in or follow or leave a nice comment.   And by all means, ....I will add you to my list of blogs I like to follow.  

So.... thank you for coming by.... and checking out what I've done so far......   

This blog is Dust-Bunny Free

Hugs, Mary    
I like and enjoy creating cards.  
When I first created cards, I drew by hand.  And that was nice.  And even better if the recipient didn't end up throwing the card away.   
But what I love to do......is use my BIG kick embossing manual machine.   Its kinda like a Cuttle Bug only bigger.    If you have room to spare on your desk then get a Big kick, otherwise the smaller-cuter version is just as nice to use.  They all do the same work.

Mine was given to me for a birthday gift.   There are some things to consider before making this kind of purchase....
how many embossing folders will you end up with?    I thought I would be happy with just a few folders....   however,  I have found.....the first thing I do when going to a craft store is find the isle where the embossing folders are...... and just browsing along....see which ones I can live without.
......I can spend anywhere from a few minutes.....to up to an hour just browsing..... its even better when I find a sale!   I mean, who doesn't like a sale?     Now be honest.   How many pairs of shoes do you have in your already packed full closet.....and already making room for another space to fill?    I'm kinda like that with craft items.   See what I mean?  You just gotta have the latest, the best that there is.....   I know, I know.... its like an addiction.    ...... Ok....Okay..... lets not get carried away.     We don't need to call Dr. Phil.   No, no.....I can handle this......I can handle this just fine.   :) 



Hugs.... What can a hug do for you?

It can cheer you up if you are feelin' blue....

It can chase away the gloomy day....   it can make you feel good right away!

Its amazing what a hug can do.   

Hugs are for a friend in need....  to show you care ~ is great indeed!

Puppies love hugs and kitties too.

So, offer someone a hug today.  



Monday, June 4, 2012

Here's a digi rose

Here's my interpretation of a rose.  Its an outline and ready for you to download and use for a greeting card or scrapbook pages.   I'm offering it for free.  You may re-size it to your liking.  I even added a sentiment.   My only request is... if you do like this digital rose will you leave a comment for me, please?     Thank you!   

Simply right click on the image (save it as a jpg.). 
Save the image to your computer.


My lovely Irises.  
Here are some other Spring time pics.....
Mister Cardinal getting a bite to eat.  

House Sparrows enjoying lunch.

Peony.  With lil' bees and ants?? 

I've been away.
Planting flowers.  Weeding. Watering.

Seems like its been forever.    I will do better.   (I Hope!)

The rose bush we planted over 7 years ago finally decided to bloom.   Yes.  Bloom!   There were 5 buds in all.   Every night just before going to bed, we covered each bud with half a sock to keep the frost away.   We did this faithfully.    We were rewarded with lovely pink blooms.  Absolutely lovely!    Take a look.


It's About Time ;)