Monday, June 4, 2012

I've been away.
Planting flowers.  Weeding. Watering.

Seems like its been forever.    I will do better.   (I Hope!)

The rose bush we planted over 7 years ago finally decided to bloom.   Yes.  Bloom!   There were 5 buds in all.   Every night just before going to bed, we covered each bud with half a sock to keep the frost away.   We did this faithfully.    We were rewarded with lovely pink blooms.  Absolutely lovely!    Take a look.



  1. Oh what a BEAUTIFUL rose - so worth the wait and covering to keep Jack Frost away.

  2. The roses were pretty. However they had no scent. We did have FIVE roses to begin with, but we noticed someone clipped one of them off.

  3. Gorgeous...I love roses and this is one of my favorite shades. Love your pics of flora and fauna. Nothing inspires me more than nature.
    *Who would have thought to cover each individual bud and do so faithfully every night?


It's About Time ;)