Wednesday, January 18, 2012

♥ Here's my heart ♥

This is my favorite card.  Reminds me of Valentines Day.  The card stock looks like chocolate to me.  I got the idea to make this from one of those "how to" books.  The one shown was just a bit different.  I used a pattern for the hearts.  Clipped them out of scraps of paper.  The envelope is made from mulberry paper.   
I didn't know what mulberry paper was at first.  Its thick, made from different fibers.   I actually purchased it from e bay.  

When I'm looking for card stock, I rarely buy the cards already made up with matching envelopes.  Its best and less expensive just to get the value card stock sheets and cut each piece to your liking.

My husband likes to use (and swears by the nice cut) he gets from using the big paper cutter... but I don't like it much.   In a pinch I will resort to using it... but really I eyeball it when it comes to cutting and folding my cards.    To tell you the truth... I have a terrible time lining up paper to cut.   Even with the guidelines there to help.... it doesn't help me at all.  Or doesn't seem to.  ;)  

Slowly I'm adding more content to my blog... I did only start it on the 17th of January.   

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Fun Cards

 This cute little card is just perfect to send as a quick "thank you".
Materials used: foam sheets in green & yellow; purple, white card stock; rubber stamp; wire; gold cord; button for bow tie; clear plastic circles; glue; black marker; seed beads; & sticker paper for cutting out shapes of flowers; scissors; butterfly & flower punch.
Here's another Thank You card made with cancelled stamps (saved from many a pen-pal letter!)  Blue foam sheet; plastic red tiles for accent; glue; scissors; tag; ribbon to hang tag; rubber stamp for sentiment; green card stock.   

All these materials I already had on hand.   You don't have to spend a bundle just to make a card.  I wouldn't feel pressured to hurry to the craft store just to buy a cricket cutter.    They can be nice but rather expensive.     The point is to have fun.  Relax. 


Here's a Birthday greeting that I sketched from a photo of cone flowers that I have planted in my garden.   I used water color pencils to bring the flowers to life and outlined with a fine black marker.  The inside sentiment is cut out with deckle edge scissors.     The card stock is something I already had on hand.  So really for this card I didn't have to go out and buy anything.     

If you are in the beginning stages of wanting to create your own cards.   First decide what kind of cards you would like to create.   Then make a list of items you'll need in order to make the card.   

  1. Card stock 
  2. Pencils or markers
  3. glue stick
  4. scissors

You may have some of these items already on hand.    

It's About Time ;)