Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fun Cards

 This cute little card is just perfect to send as a quick "thank you".
Materials used: foam sheets in green & yellow; purple, white card stock; rubber stamp; wire; gold cord; button for bow tie; clear plastic circles; glue; black marker; seed beads; & sticker paper for cutting out shapes of flowers; scissors; butterfly & flower punch.
Here's another Thank You card made with cancelled stamps (saved from many a pen-pal letter!)  Blue foam sheet; plastic red tiles for accent; glue; scissors; tag; ribbon to hang tag; rubber stamp for sentiment; green card stock.   

All these materials I already had on hand.   You don't have to spend a bundle just to make a card.  I wouldn't feel pressured to hurry to the craft store just to buy a cricket cutter.    They can be nice but rather expensive.     The point is to have fun.  Relax. 


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